Who are whitehats and what do they do

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You often come across whitehat cz and other terms. Most people are curious as to what whitehat cz and other such terms like ethical hacking, malicious hackers, black hats, so on and so forth all mean.

White hats are another name for ethical hackers. These are also known as sneakers, white hat hackers and are also referred to as white knights. These are specialists in cyber security and know penetration testing, system examination, various kinds of network analysis and they guarantee the integrity and safety of the information systems of the company. That way they help save several massive revenue losses for the company as well as safeguard the reputation of the company by protecting the data and information from leaking and being potentially misused, which will result in huge tangible as well as intangible losses all around.

These usually use various kinds of hacking tools as well as attempts with regards avoiding security measures so as to get access to secure areas and therefore they are able to pinpoint weaknesses in various systems. They also employ different social engineering tactics and these perform all these breaches of security for intentions which are good and non-malicious.

Whitehat.cz and similar places like them are very different to black hats and grey hats. These are willing to not only create but also to publish the details and demonstrate how massive or critical the flaw is. They work with the vendor to rectify the flaws in the system so that the black hats cannot take advantage of it in the future when it is discovered by them.

They are usually employed and assigned the duty of testing the integrity of the system, and the strength of its security. They improve the capabilities of the operating system as well as the applications and literally pull them apart before they put them together.


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