What information you need to provide for valuation?

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For easy selling up your motorhome you need provide some basic details to company. You Check for more info about how “we will buy your motorhome”. If you want what are things you have to specify before the valuation, the below details will help you out. These sites usually require the basic information which will make their process easier. If you want your motorhome to get valuated you can just list out these things:


  1. Motorhome information: when taking with the customer care, it’s important that you give details such as the manufacturing year, model number, and size of the engine, mileage and miles viewing on the dashboard. Also provide the ownership details. This will give them the idea about the motorhome and its condition. They will also you give checklist of the things that is damaged and enquire about the condition inside out. If anything that needs to fixed or repaired has to be answered.
  2. Pick up details: This comes in the personal information. They will ask you about your contact details and address. They will schedule the pickup time as per your convenience. You can ask them to pick it up from the place you feel convenient.
  3. Pricing questions: they will ask you to quote the price for the vehicle.
  4. Additional information: they can also enquire about any faults with the engine and what they can expect seeing the motorhome condition.

This all queries will give them idea on what they will get to see. This will help them understand the market value of the motorhome before saying “we will buy your motorhome”.

Make sure that you keep all the required paperwork ready so that they can go through them easily. You have to give them all the documents related to the motorhome, keys and the paperwork.

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