Understanding the Different Benefits of MANVI Program

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Introduction: MANVI Program is the program initiated by the US military services for the immigrants who are not the citizen of the United States. Before the start of MANVI Program, the aspirants were required to have a green card to join the army but thanks to the MANVI Programs, the immigrants can now accede to the American military without the green card and under some conditions. Now the military will help you in having the green card of the United States of America.  The MANVI update has been suspended for the year 2017 and is under considerations and amendment procedure.

Benefits of MANVI: In this article, we will be stating some of the advantages of this program. These benefits depend on whether you are a permanent soldier under the program or a reserve soldier.  One can look at the points stated below:



As a reserve soldier, you will be posted near your house but not with in the 50 miles of your home.

As a reserve soldier, you don’t have to be on duty 24*7 but when duty calls you must come.

As a reserve soldier, you can finish your education on time and yet get your wages.

For a full-time soldier, this is an excellent opportunity to be posted outside the US.

For a full-time soldier, the wages are high as compared to the reserve soldier.

As a full-time soldier, you will be able to get a full-time job and work in the army 24*7.

Conclusion: Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MANVI) is the way of getting the US citizenship very easily. But there are certain conditions, documentation and interview procedure that one must follow. Prepare yourself for this program and apply as soon as it will be launched again.

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