Thoughts on TEOTWAWKI: how to survive and what to look out for?

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What if it’s TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it)? Are you ready for it? Your answer can be both yes and no. Some of you may have various thoughts on TEOTWAWKI, while others are too optimistic to think of it yet.

But what if TEOTWAWKI strikes, and you are left standing alone with no food, family or shelter? Will you survive? The answer is a clear NO! So it is better to keep yourself prepared for any such calamity. By being alert, you can have a hope of survival and save your dear ones at the same time.

What are the thoughts on TEOTWAWKI of people who are prepared for it?

However hard you try, it is not possible to fully prepare for the future uncertainty. The reasons are many. It may be due to any natural disaster like an earthquake or as a result of the next World War. The reasons are many, but the motive is one, SURVIVAL.

Thoughts on TEOTWAWKI

Every prepper (person preparing for TEOTWAWKI) is likely to think about the ways he/she can survive when TEOTWAWKI comes. They are busy collecting food, learning to build shelters and figuring out best places to be at when it strikes. However, most of them forget about the after effects. The end of the world means death, suffering, diseases and what not.

What to look out for?

No doubt most people will be prepared for it, but what you really need to prepare for is after TEOTWAWKI happens. Food will run out, diseases will be on the rise, and there will be people who will fight for everything. You need to find ways and devise plans to avoid all of these as well.

So the thoughts on TEOTWAWKI that everyone has in mind may not be the same. There are chances that TEOTWAWKI may never come but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! Does it?

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