Running Fred, something new yet very familiar

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When you thinking of the many different games that are out there, mobile ones and online ones, most of them seem to be about you running and dodging obstacles.It’s very common, but there has never been a game that takes all the concepts of the different games and puts them together to create one ultimate game. Well that’s no longer true, thanks to the latest running game, Running Fred.

Running Fred

Melding all the similar games into one

The game is the sequel to the very popular Falling Fred, and this time Fred is running through many different deadly obstacles. You control him like any other running game, with the arrow keys, and jump with the space bar. However, this game is not just about quick actions/ reflexes, you need to be able to make smart choices too since you also have a health meter. Once you run out of health the reaper comes for you and your dead. In a normal game encountering an obstacle would result in your death if you don’t pass it, but in Running Fred depending on the obstacle you could live and just loose health. This game is definitely more out of the box then other similar games, but the basic concept and mechanics do remain the same. This means you get something different while it still being familiar to use/ play. Finally, this game is not just for you to play on a computer, you can even play it on the go, on your mobile device of your choice.

So there you have it, a different take on an already hugely popular type of game. While it is very common, Running Fred takes the best of all the similar games and gives you great fun, impressive challenges and take it anywhere you want.

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