A Review on the 4 Best mousepad for csgo

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If you are a CS player then you must know the importance of the big mouse pads. There are a number of moves that will be altered in case your mouse pad is not of good quality and of comfortable size. If you shoot using your wrist then it is not a problem but if it is not the case then you need the best mousepad for csgo.

There are a number of different things that one can look for while choosing the mouse for CS GO:

  1. It should be bigger in size as it will lead to fast reactions and flicks.
  2. It should be bought while keeping in mind about the space needed and the sensor quality of the mouse.
  3. It should be able to work with the particular mouse type in order to give accurate and consistent results.

Top 4 best mousepad for csgo: Although they are the best but not suitable for almost every game or for every player. Please take a look below and check them out:

best mousepad for csgo

  1. RazerGoliathus Speed Cosmic Edition Soft Gaming Mat – Large: This beautiful mouse pad is only comfortable with the mouse with a high-quality sensor. The disadvantage with this mouse pad is that it is colorful. Yes, its colors are the disadvantage because they reduce the accuracy and consistency. But if you are looking for an attractive mouse pad you can invest in this one.
  2. Zowie G-SR: This mouse pad can be called at the best mousepad for csgo. Because it is compatible with almost every type of mouse. It doesn’t matter if your mouse is old or boosted with new technologies, this mouse pad will work. But perfection sometimesis expensive like this mouse pad.
  3. SteelSeriesQcK+ Gaming: Being the thinnest mat, this mouse pad is not that much expensive like the G-SR and also a perfect option if you are looking for a black gaming mouse pad with large size. This mouse pad is also suitable for any type of mouse.
  4. SteelSeriesQcK Heavy Gaming: It has almost similar features to the SteelSeriesQcK+ Gaming but still it is one of the most widely used mouse pad by the professional gamers. It is because of its 6mm thickness. This thickness allows the players to play even one uneven surface and get the best results.


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