Physiotherapy for Shoulder Pain: Types of Treatments

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Have you been suffering from severe shoulder pain for long? You will be surprised to know that physiotherapy for shoulder pain has been quite effective in providing significant relief to those who suffer from shoulder pains from time to time.

Shoulder Pain Symptoms

Before you choose for a physiotherapy for shoulder pain, it is important to figure out if the pain needs the treatment. If you have a difficulty in raising your arms or it is painful for you to carry heavy objects, it is the shoulder pain that is bothering you.How to get to Prairie Trail Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic. Swelling or bruising of shoulder or arm can also be one of the symptoms of the pain apart from a deformity of the joints caused by injury

How to get to Prairie Trail Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Physiotherapy For Shoulder Pain

Besides the medical help you take from doctors, you also have another option to deal with your shoulder pain through exercises. This is also known as physiotherapy. The therapy can either be specialized or general.

Specialized Physiotherapy For Shoulder Pain

  • Radial Shockwave Therapy is a treatment where significantly high-speed energy shockwaves are used to treat the area of pain.
  • Laser Therapy is used for a local area of pain to enhance micro-circulation and treat the pain.
  • Taping is the process of applying adhesive tape n the pain area for the tissue and muscle strains to be minimized.
  • Exercise therapy is yet another important specialized treatment that entails stretching of the muscles to improve the movement of the shoulders and arms of patients.

Generalized Physiotherapy For Shoulder Pain

  • Interferential therapy where electric current is used to enhance the peripheral sensory and muscle nerve fibers to treat the pain.
  • Ultrasoung therapy where ultrasonic waves are used for the treatment.
  • Shortwave Diathermy therapy to provide relief from muscle spasm.
  • Ergonomics therapy includes tips and advice to improve the posture and the movement of the shoulder.


Contact a physiotherapist soon. He is the one who will tell you the type of physiotherapy for shoulder pain you need to go for.

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