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Everyone in the world can relate to this single thing. And that is safety. People nowadays do not get out without being cautious about the safety of self or safety of personal belongings. Emerging locking systems and tracking systems are the best examples of safety cautious world we are stepping in right now.

Mesa locksmith explains the major types of locks in this article below. Although there are infinite types of locking systems, this article will explain the basic ones.

Type 1: Pad locks

These types of locks are easy to understand when the right combination is hit by the key it opens. They are detachable from the door and can be carried anywhere and can be used to tie basically anything. Like, zip of suitcase. They come in different sizes, shapes, and types as well.

Mesa locksmith

Type 2: Deadbolts

When people consider something more than a pad lock, deadbolts are the options which are mainly used to protect the main door.

Type 3: Knob locks by Mesa locksmith

Everyone is aware of this type of lock. As in this lock, knob should be held and turned to lock and unlock the door. Expert lock smiths advise us not to use this locking system for external doors as it may be broken down with the hammer or any heavy tool. Knob locks are mostly used for room doors and washroom doors inside the house.

Type 4: Lever handle locks

These types of locks are easy to use as no pressure should be applied while locking and opening. Just turning the handle does the trick. Mesa locksmith says these locks should be used for handicapped access as they are ADA accessible and can easily be changed with right handed or left handed lock.

These are the major and fundamental types of locks which will make you check whether you are correctly secured or not.



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