Make Manual Lifting Task Safe & Comfortable Using Helpful Tips

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It is not feasible for everyone to lift a heavy load. The workers constantly engaged in this work get used to and lift with less efforts without muscle sprain or body injury, but they may also sometimes face adverse consequences. The weightlifters also lift weight beyond their body’s capacity, but they are trained by their special trainers and coach. Plan, position, pick-up, proceed and put down are five basic principles or say five Ps of proper weight lifting that can save from trouble and injury, if followed meticulously. Besides, there are some useful tips that can be followed. You can see these helpful tips online in some medical or weight lifting device website.

Safe lifting of loads manually

There are no universal guidelines for safe lifting, but some organizations and websites mention about these tips. For instance, National Health Service (NHS) tips are useful in this context, and learning and following these tips to combat with heavy loads can be a preventive measure against risks of backache problem and spine injury due to improper lifting of heavy loads manually. You can see these helpful tips on website or you can follow useful tips provided on some other authentic website.

see these helpful tips

The NHS recommended tips

The NHS recommended tips are simple to follow and you can grasp them with easy learning. These tips are in line with five principles of proper load lifting and recommend understanding your limits, proper planning before you lift, adopting stable and comfortable position, avoiding bending back while lifting, keeping load close to the body, keeping body straight without twisting, keeping good hold on load, avoid jerking when lifting load, slow lifting and lowering down, and relaxing.

Making you manual lifting task safe and comfortable

When you see these helpful tips and compare it with tips provided on other websites, these are almost same. Besides, relaxing between two lifting efforts is very important to bring back your muscles to original condition. You can make your lifting task safe and comfortable, if you follow these useful tips.

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