Luxury but Necessity: Online Wholesale Market of Soaps

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Soaps are essential in day-to-day life. Soap is actually a salt of fatty acid. Soap is used for cleansing purpose and it is available in both lubricant and solid state. In ancient times, nearly 2800 BCE, soap like materials were found in Babylon. Egyptians also used soap like substances regularly for bath as mentioned in Ebers Papyrus.

Even Romans, Chinese and Islamic Middle-East people used handmade soap like materials in day-to-day lives. After industrial revolution soap makingwas conducted in large scale. During Restoration era a soap tax was introduced due to soap acclaimed as a luxury.

Soap Industry now a day:

Soaps now a day are produced in a variety of fragrances, shapes and colours. Each of the characteristics contributing something to its use.The revolutionary introduction of World Wide Web and subsequent introduction of e-commercial companies made many industries grow their market worldwide.


The growing population of the world causes growth in demands of regular essential commodities. Though soap is considered as luxury product, it is also essential for day-to-day life in a household. Hence the demand of soaps and the production are growing rapidly.

Wholesale Market of Soaps:

The growth of production requires a steady transportation and distribution mechanism, where wholesale comes in picture.Wholesaling is the bridge between producers and retailers. Some company have their own wholesaling departments but some hire wholesaling companies to distribute. With the help of internet wholesaling has become very easy.

A retailer can order a bulk through the company website or visit a distributor’s website who has taken up the company’s distribution workload. The advantage of wholesaling is it creates large revenue due to the bulk production. The more you produce and distribute the supply chain goes wider.

The advantage of online wholesaling is greater because it creates opportunity for international market. Though few company might have grip on the international market and their domestic market. The small companies get more opportunities to expand their territory.

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