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Buying from soar view

There are manyonline sellers who are selling the Openbox v8s but the most reliable and original one is You can get the original version of both the v8s and v9s as well. The Openbox v9s has the satellite receiver which is not available in the v8s. The version v9s is much advancedversionof theearlier one and as it has the satellitereceiver the facility off thebuilt in WIFI is available. It allows for the updates from the Openboxserver directly. This feature is not available in the v8s version. Moreover,it becomes easy to update the system and you only need a properinternet connection.


You can get v9s at it is the high definitionbox which allows picking more than 200 Freesat channels including the channel 4, BBC 1, 2, 3 and lots more. Moreover, the facility of therecord and the rewind are availablewhich allows you to store yourprogramseasily in external hard drive. It comes with 2 USB inputs which always allow you with the PVR i.e. recording facility. The hard drive is to be purchased externally. The Openbox v9s and v8s offered by with the existing dish and thus you simply need to plug and play it and you are ready.

Combo V7

It allows connecting with the external storage and has the WIFI USB adapter. They also offer you with the v7 combo especially for theIrish and UK channels. This receiver allows you to pick the Irishchannelsand also free UK channels. It comes with the DVB S2 satellite tuner and has DVB T2/C soarview tuner. It is the HD receiverwhich has the recording facility using the external hard drive. It comes with the 7 days EPG i.e. TV guide. The box can work with the existing sky dish.


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