How to keep your hamster house cool during summer?

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It can really get hot during summer. As hamsters are really sensitive creatures they are likely to fall sick in high climatic conditions so it advised to take some precautionary measures to help them stay healthy during summer. Safety and caring tips of hamster housing are available at Do not expose your hamsters directly to sunlight. Here are some of th tips that will help them stay cool in their cages:

  1. Try placing the cage nearer to the ground can be a better choice. Try placing them below some table. It will help them stay cooler than putting the cage on top if some shelf.
  2. You can place a fan nearer to the cage but not directly pointing it at the cage.
  3. If it’s unbearable hot, neither placing the cage down nor putting it before a fan has no effect, place a freezer bottle inside the cage. Wrap a towel around it to avoid any leakage and place it inside the cage. It will cool down the temperature. Other than that you can place the cage somewhere cooler.
  4. You can fill in the water pump with cold water. Or get a cooling plate and place it inside the cage.
  5. Bathe your hamster with freezing sand. You can place these sands in your freezer to make it cool and then allow your hamster to have its bathing enjoyable.
  6. Your hamster needs more ventilation during summer. Wires are the best choice. But if you are using more compact ones like glass or plastic, have it replaced with something more convenient.



Your hamster needs more care during these times. So pay attention to their health. Also have their cage cleaned regularly. If you need any kind of advice on hamster housing then visit

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