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Techniques of SEO are something you have to master if you are willing to stay in the digital market. And whom to take better advice from than the SEO expert Mr. Kotton Grammer himself?! Kotton Grammer Forbes articles earned him a name worldwide among people looking for SEO tips. Developing content following his guidelines can indeed help you improve your web ranking and attract more traffic on your page.

Here are a few basic tips from Grammer’s Forbes commentaries:

  • Tap your creative genius-

One of the most important SEO tips is to develop attractive headings and writing style for your content. This is the reason why when you search a topic, says ABC, the XYZ website tops the SERP. Why? Because XYZ has the best article headings and consequently, arrests the attention more readers.

The same topic ABC will have over lakhs of content online, so it’s important to make yours unique. For this, SEO agencies are advised through Kotton Grammer Forbes articles to hire writers with a good vocabulary and a creative aptitude.

Kotton Grammer Forbes

  • Keyword Placement-

According to the latest Google algorithm, there is a certainproximity which should be maintained while placing keywords in the articles. Also, shake off the traditional notion of stuffing your writings with as many keywords as possible. Google has launched web crawlers that no only check the necessity of the keywords but also their logical connection to the articles.

  • Watch how the toppers are doing-

The best way to achieve success is to follow how toppers are making way to the zenith. Watch out for their marketing skills and strategies. But to follow their trail is not to imitate them blindly. Avoid copying stuff. Create your unique stand. Google hates fluff.

Kotton Grammer Forbes tips are something every SEO agency can rely upon. He has all innovative and practicaladvice ready for you to draw maximum traffic to your site.

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