Impaired Driving Lawyers for Drunk and Driving

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Hard and fast rule for drink and drive is just “DON’T DO IT”. Canada traffic is completely based on High way Traffic Act, this is primarily implemented to curb the accidents and for the safety of the drivers. Impaired driving includes various forms of violations like zero blood alcohol concentration for novice drivers, intoxicated with Marijuana, test alcool for drunk and drive, drugs and much more.

Never Plead Guilty

Are you charged with impaired driving, then you should be aware of few aspects so that you can make an informed decision about what to do next. You should not immediately plead guilty without consulting an impaired driving lawyer.

test alcool

Many people think pleading guilty for test alcool is the simplest way to the problem or maybe it’s the only way out but it’s not true because there are plenty of options and you need to sightsee them. When you have a plea, talk to the lawyer and try to look for choices before reacting. When you have a defense lawyer you can reduce your charges to a considerable extent may be to a traffic ticket.

Don’t take it for granted when found guilty

Don’t force yourself to accept your charges when you failed the test alcool or the breath alyzer test. In many instances the machines does not reveal accurate results due to improper maintenance or sometimes the police officials provide a faulty report. Sometimes the food and medication also impact the concentration level. It is essential to know your blood alcohol concentration because the legal limit is 80mg per 100ml of your blood sample. It becomes an offence only when you exceed this limit otherwise it is treated as a non-criminal penalty.


Explore and understand the laws appropriately before pleading guilty. Misguided plea will make your situation more complicated and becomes a hassle for the lawyer too. So be guided properly.






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