Fishing Techniques You Can Opt While Going For Fishing Trips in Dubai

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Fishing is not only done for recreational purposes instead fishing is also done for commercial purposes, where fishermen use to catch fishes to earn profits.

Fishing trips in Dubai are massivelyconductedfor sports or thrill purposes because people here admire these trips with families and friends.

And to make it clear, the fishing used in commercial fishing is different from recreational fishing. Most preferably angling techniques are used when you are going for recreational fishing and for commercial fishing, netting techniques are preferred. As, netting method can gather more fishes, hence good for commercial purposes.

Some dominant techniques of fishing

Get an understanding of fishing techniques used majorly.

  • Hand picking

Gathering your fish with barely using your hands can be breathtaking. It is actually feasible to fish and gather numerous sea foods without using any special equipment instead just utilizing your hand.

fishing trip in Dubai

  • Spear fishing

Spear fishing is the oldest method used for fishing with the help of a spear or can be arrows, harpoons etc.

  • Netting

Fishing nets or fishing traps are specially made to capture fishes and is widely used by commercial fishers. Fishing nets are formed by knotting the threads into a web like structure, which can grab fishes easily.

  • Angling method

Angle means hook and in angling method fishing is done with the help of a hook tied to the fishing rod. Angling method is popular if you are going for a sport fishing but this method is also used commercially by using multiple hooks.

These techniques are significantly used by fishers and if you are preparing for a fishing trip in Dubai, then this information can help you a lot.

Choose the best fishing techniques

So, you have all the information about various techniques of fishing. Now, it time to choose the best technique for yourself and adding further taking help of crew members is recommended while going for fishing trips in Dubai.


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