Deliveree Is the Vital Factor in Logistics Process

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Logistics is a common dictionary term which is usually referred for thorough organization and implementation of a composite operation. The generic definition is used in different specific sense in different activities. In general business, the term “logistics” is applied to manage flow of goods and services between two points: origin and consumption, to ensure that requirements of customers and organizations are met in time. In commercial sense, logistics is precisely the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers. Meaning of logistics in military is nearly same as its commercial meaning but here it relates to organization of transporting, housing, and delivering troops and equipment.

Deliveree is core factor of logistics

Considering meanings of logistics in different sense, one thing become explicit that logistics is an activity which relates to moving and delivering. Deliveree is thus the core factor of this activity because this activity is not going to be finished until the subject in question in logistic operation has not been delivered at the point of destination and reached in the hands of the receiver assumed in this process. Thus, efficiency of the whole logistics process is measured from the timely deliveree.


Logistics in important component of a business

If you see any business model, you will always find inclusion of logistics in the model. This is very important because whatever is produced in the business has to reach its consumers for intermediate or ultimate use and that too within requisite time. Logistics industry has become a vital component of the contemporary business scenario because a business can’t survive without this industry. The production has no worth if the goods or services remain at manufacturer’s end. Logistics process takes them to ultimate destination.

Logistics in a vast function but not withoutdeliveree

Logistics has become a vast function. Logistics organization not only performs deliveree function but also take care of safe storage, packing and transportation of the goods which are part of logistics management and even benefits of logistics for the business organizations.

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