Carrageenan is purely edible and vegan – Experts opined

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Yes, you have heard it right. Carrageenan which is a food additive, and is used in many food items of our daily use is cursed by a myth that it is not 100% safe to be used in food items and can be responsible for some small health issues like indigestion, gastrointestinal problems in infants and many more. But the recent study done by FAO/WHO committee says that carrageenan is not only edible but vegan as well.

It even is believed to be the best replacement of gelatin which is used in almost all the cakes and other desserts to bind the mixture due to its thickening properties. Carrageenan is 100% vegan unlike gelatin and does not create any short or long term harm to your body.

Why people can prefer Carrageenan over Gelatin

There is no hidden fact that gelatin is made using various animal parts. Now people, who are strict vegans, can have a blind faith upon Carrageenan as it is obtained from seaweed and is perfectly works in setting up any desert like gelatin does. It is being used for hundreds of years and now has been proved safe as food additive after long researches on its properties.



Misconceptions against Carrageenan and its origin

Carrageenan as food grade has never been found as unsafe in any research. In fact, all the misconceptions had become a question mark on thefood industry thatwas using Carrageenansafely. But the facts say that it is not only safe but plays a crucial role in food industry as this is the product that makes your desert mouth-watering and satisfactory to your taste buds. It has come out to be absolutely safe as it is extracted from seaweeds, as gentle as possible, and does not undergo any chemical process that can raise any chance of harm.

WhyCarrageenan was suspected as unsafe

A foreign substance called poligeenan was once compared to Carrageenan. Since then Carrageenan was suspected as unsafe as poligeenan is not safe to eat as undergoes chemical bath of harsh acids. People still refer poligeenan as degraded Carrageenan, but not food grade Carrageenan.

So, do not waste your time in suspecting Carrageenan as unsafe as it has now proved to be edible, vegan and 100% safer than other products of same properties.





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