How Can Companies Try To Prevent Employee Poaching Legally?

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Employee poaching is an important aspect both for companies as well as employees. In one hand, it adds a capable employee to one company and subtracts the same employee from the former company; on the other hand, it provides career growth to the employee. Thus it is almost impossible to stop poaching completely. There are still certain legal ways to lessen poaching to some extent. One can have a peek here to get an idea about the same.

Legal ways to reduce employee poaching

The different ways companies use to suppress their highly performing employees to leave the organization are as follows –

  • Agreements of Non-Compete

A Non-Compete Agreement is a contract law. The basic clause is this agreement is termed as NCC or a non-compete clause which states that a party, generally the employee cannot enter into a profession similar to the one he was working for or start service with a competitive organization after terminating his services with the former company. This contract is usually valid for a specific period of time after the employee resigns from the former organization after which the employee is free to join any company.

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  • Engagement of employee

At times, companies organize programs or have annual functions where they encourage employees to participate to increase the people’s engagement towards the company. This in turn increases the employee’s emotional attachment to the company and they feel that connection which might make them think twice before resigning.

  • Incentive plans that are long term

There are few payment plans which are connected to the success of the company. This makes the employee more responsible and they feel that they are a part of the business; moreover, employees knowing about their financial gains after a period of time tend to stick to the company at least for that period.

Although no law can prevent an employee’s intentions but these laws can reduce the chances of employee poaching to some level.

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