Best possible method to keep yourself away from acne on back

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Back acne is a problem that we talk less about; it is tough to live with acne on the back. The remedies that are applicable for the treatment of facial acne might not work here. Let’s look into the methods for treating acne on back.

Why acne on back occurs

We have a gland known as sebaceous gland which is located just beneath our skin; this gland secretes oil in order to keep the skin lubricated as well as moisturized. But in some cases the pores are clogged, so the oil becomes poisonous that is toxic in nature, which helps the bacteria to breed and thus acne occurs. Sometimes acne on the back also occurs due to excess sweating. Keep on reading to know the best possible methods for treating acne on back.

Try to keep your back clean and clear

It sounds straightforward, but it is not easy to keep your back clean; try to use soap for cleaning will your back; this will help your skin to dry. However, if you don’t clean oil will be secreted from the gland as result acne will develop due to secretion of excess oil.

 acne on back

Don’t scrub while drying your back

After you finished your shower don’t try to dry your back sawing manner, instead, pat dry with the help of a towel.This is because rubbing your back roughly with the towel results in secretion of more oil that results in the development of acne.

Change bed sheet frequently

More importantly, try to change the bed sheets where you sleep; keeping the bed sheet unchanged for a long time will lead to the development of bacteria that will result in acne. So it is advisable that you must change your bed sheet frequently to avoid such acne related problems.

Acne on back can easily be waived off following the tips mentioned above.

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